Recent Climate Risk Management News


Moody's Acquires Major Stake in Climate Data Company

July, 2019 - Moody's has acquired a majority stake in Four Twenty Seven, Inc., a provider of data, intelligence, and analysis related to physical climate risks. Learn more here.

New Bill in U.S. House Aims to Compel Companies to Disclose Climate Risks to SEC

July, 2019 - A bill that would require public companies to disclose the risks posed to their business by climate change passed a crucial committee vote in the House. Learn more here. 

Companies See Climate Change Hitting Their Bottom Lines in the Next 5 Years

June, 2019 - CDP explicitly asked firms to calculate how a warming planet might affect them financially. Learn more here. 

Climate Change Now #1 Risk For Insurers

May, 2019 - According to the 12th Annual Survey of Emerging Risks climate change is now the top risk - higher than cybersecurity - for insurers. Read the report here

BlackRock publishes new climate risk study

April, 2019 - “Investors who are not thinking about climate-related risks, or who view them as issues far off in the future, may need to recalibrate their expectations,” - BlackRock statement on new study on physical climate risks published in April, 2019.  Read it here.

Over 500 businesses, investors and industry groups agree to provide climate risk disclosure

April, 2019 - Companies including BlackRock, State Street, S&P Global, Statoil, Shell, H&M, Nestlé, BASF, DowDuPont and Ingersoll Rand are stepping up on financial disclosures related to climate risks. Learn more here. 

Climate Risk Management News (older)


UK Regulators Focus on Climate Risk

March, 2019 - The UK’s top financial regulators have established a committee to monitor and respond to the risk posed to the finance sector by climate change.  Learn more here

February, 2019 - European investors launch project to support alignment of portfolios to the Paris Agreement. Learn more here. 

New Report on Climate Risks for Insurers

February, 2019 - "Insurance not enough to offset financial risks of climate change" - new analysis of climate risks to insurance industry from ClimateWise.  benefits.

Investor Guides to Climate Risk


Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment (GARI)

Collins is an active participant in the Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment (GARI) working group, which was launched at the COP21 global climate talks in Paris during 2015. GARI is now an official partner of the United Nation’s Secretary General's A2R Climate Resilience Initiative

Investor Group

GARI has convened over 150 private investors, climate experts and other stakeholders in New York, London, and Washington DC to discuss practical approaches to investing that consider climate adaptation and resiliency. 

Investor Guide to Climate Risk

 In 2017 the GARI group focused on developing an investor guide to climate risk in response to interest from the private sector and private investors in climate adaptation and resilience.  

Release at One Planet Summit in Paris

The GARI 2017 Investor Guide to Physical Climate Risk and Resilience provides a 5-page "plain language" introduction to physical climate risk and resilience for investors. An initial draft was posted during the United Nations COP23 global climate talks in Bonn. The final Investor Guide was released during the One Planet Summit in Paris in December 2017. 


Lead authors are: Jay Koh, Founder of the Lightsmith Group; Emilie Mazzacurati, Founder of Four Twenty Seven, Inc.; and Chiara Trabacchi, PhD at IDB Invest. Collins is a contributing author to the guide. 

Real Estate Investor Guide


New Global Dataset on Real Estate Investment Trusts’ Exposure to Climate Change

Four Twenty Seven and real estate technology company GeoPhy released the first global dataset on the exposure of real estate investment trusts  (REITSs) to climate change in October 2018. The report Climate Risk, Real Estate, and the Bottom Line provides granular projections of the impacts of climate change on REITs.  Learn more here. 

Four Twenty Seven

Four Twenty Seven is a member of the Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment (GARI) group. Learn more here

Lender Guide


Lender's Guide for Considering Climate Risk in Infrastructure

This guide provides a framework for investment and credit officers to begin to ask the right questions about how climate change can impact the financial sustainability of their investments, and links revenues, assets, and costs with a project’s potential vulnerability to physical climate risks.

Sector Snapshots

The guide includes snapshots to demonstrate potential impacts on the following infrastructure sectors: transport, energy, telecoms, data management, real estate, and social infrastructure.


Authors include Acclimatise, Four Twenty Seven and Climate Finance Advisors, all involved with GARI.