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Here's Why

Climate risks are expensive

  • Storm damage alone is estimated at $35 billion per year in the US (source: Risky Business).
  • Policy shifts and increased power costs may present financial risks.
  • Changes in consumer demand, technology and products in a low-carbon economy can be competitive risks or opportunities.

Sustainability is profitable

  • Millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable products -as many as 72% of them vs. 55% in 2014 (Nielsen Research, 2015).
  • Up to $10 trillion in potential benefits are available to US businesses that engage in climate action by 2050 (source: New York University School of Law)
  • Product and technology innovation, expanding markets and resource efficiencies are profit opportunities. 

Stakeholders expect accountability

  • Investors are increasing pressure for disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities.
  • Customers are demanding sustainable business practices.

Prepare your business for a low-carbon economy

  195 nations signed the Paris Agreement to set a global climate target and reinforce commitments from each nation. The business community has much to gain from climate action. Companies are pursuing climate targets to enhance their business strategies and profits while addressing the broader needs of the global community. Climate-proofing your business means taking proactive action to anticipate climate risks and embrace opportunities. Let us help you lead your industry into the future 

Three-tiered approach:


Seek stakeholder input on how a low-carbon economy impacts your business strategy.


Discover new markets, new products and technologies to give you the competitive edge.

Investor readiness

Know the risks and opportunities that climate change presents and investors expect you to address.

"Companies vs. Climate Change" Industry Event


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Join business leaders from around the world to get ahead of climate change. Speakers include General Motors, Mars, Walgreens Boots, Ingersoll Rand, Wyndham Worldwide, Danone and more.


November 29 - December 1  


Miami - Hyatt Regency

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